Equus Coaching

Equus Coaching is a powerful experience with a horse that shows you how your internal dialogue shapes your relationships and your world.

As prey animals, horses have developed a keen awareness of their surroundings in order to survive. Horses sense the energy and emotion of everyone in their field, and reflect back what they experience in the present moment.  I interpret the horse’s behavior to offer powerful yet gentle feedback about how you approach your world. Clients can experience being truly present, and learn practical techniques to increase their ability to be present. I partner with the horse to help clients gain insight into the ways in which your internal dialogue is shaping your world in ways that you don’t want. I will help you identify and transform your internal dialogue so that it aligns with your inspired goals. Experiential  learning is the fastest, most powerful way to learn; your equine experience occurs all on the ground, with no riding and no horse experience necessary.


I am a firm believer in Martha Beck’s saying, “The way we do anything is the way we do everything.” Come into the round pen and see this quote in action, and become aware of how you can change your thinking, your ability to be present, and ultimately, your world.




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