Passionate About Inspiring Others

Nina Clark Ericson, Ph.D. loves helping people live more authentic, empowered, peaceful lives. She uses psychotherapy, life coaching and coaching facilitated by horses to help her clients. Nina collaborates with each client to determine which approach or combination of approaches work best for the client. Nina has her Ph.D. in Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Her dissertation was about teenagers. Nina has over twenty years of experience as a psychologist and as a life coach.

Areas of Expertise

Nina has found psychotherapy, life coaching and Equus Coaching 

to be useful for all sorts of challenges, and has the following areas of focus. 

Life Transitions

Psychotherapy, life coaching and Equus Coaching can help people going through significant life transitions, like divorce, death of a significant other, empty nest, or a return to the workforce.

A combination of Psychotherapy, life coaching and Equus Coaching can help people going through life transitions to:


  • Learn to keep centered amidst the chaos of life transitions

  • Gain clarity in what your next best step is

  • Identify and transform the fears that are keeping you stuck

  • Quiet your mind so that you can listen to your authentic inner guidance

  • Create a plan for inspired action


In addition to psychotherapy, Nina coaches singles who want to find a partner. She helps her single clients identify any issues they need to resolve to attract the right mate, change self-defeating dating behavior, and maximize their online dating. Nina has been interviewed by


Vanity Fair (  and 


The Nob Hill Gazette ( for her date coaching expertise.

Nina has been helping singles move through blocks and create the relationship they desire for over fifteen years, using psychotherapy to uncover and resolve underlying issues that are blocking her clients from creating the relationship they desire. She helps clients develop specific dating strategies and offers tips to help improve their dating experiences.




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