I experienced a profound shift in awareness and confidence while working with Nina Ericson, and re-discovered a source of personal power that I've been tapping into ever since.

-Steve Robertson, Ph.D., co-founder and principal at Louie Robertson Consulting

 I had the pleasure of having an Equus Coaching session with Nina and the horse, Sparrow. Nina helped me with a parenting issue while teaching me how to be around and handle Sparrow. She then used my interaction with him to provide insight and advice back to me, issues we may not have uncovered in a traditional therapy session. Plus it was fun! I highly recommend Nina. 


-Mary G. 

I went to Nina for coaching on maintaining my confidence through trying situations. Nina focused right in on the underlying issue, identified how I could use my body and physiology as a tool and quickly and effectively helped me transform my approach. My work with the horse helped me practice my new sense of empowerment. I highly recommend getting both Life Coaching and Equus Coaching from Nina! 

 -Anita, Start Up CEO, Investor 



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